POUPC 2089【EP/AW Additive】
POUPC 2089 is a superb EP/AW additive in lubricating greases. It can markedly boost lubricants’weld load value and Timken OK value.

Chemical name
S/P-containing compounds

S/P-containing compounds

Treat level
Lubricating greases: 1-3%

  • Higher purity material
  • Light color
  • Superior EP/AW performance
  • Excellent synergetic effect with MoS2


Item Specification Test method
Appearance Light yellow powder
Assay % >99 HPLC
Particle Size (200 mesh) All pass Sieve Method
P% 8-10 SH/T0749
S% 19-22 SH/T0749
Melting point ℃ >160 GB/T2539
25kgs/drum(net weight)

Storage information
Not dangerous chemical. Kept under cool, dry and well ventilated warehouses. For more information, please refer to the relevant MSDS.